Soapsud Alley

Towards the end of the 19th century exploitation of soft water springs in South Acton led to an economic boom as the laundries of London’s Kensington and Bayswater expanded into the area.

This began with women taking in washing at home and by 1871 there were over 50 laundries; by 1900 there were more than 200 employing over 3000 people.

It was here in South Acton that Joan Bemmer begins her tale, taking  us through  the depression years and wartime to the post-war optimism of the Fifties, recounting a story that outlines the struggles and hardships that were common to so many. Weaving a tapestry of people and detail she brings to life a time when great historical events and old-fashioned values shaped lives.  
A fascinating glimpse into a half-forgotten world

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